6th Jan 08/updated 11th Jan 08 and 27th Jan 08

Seems a long time since I updated the garden website. 

Today was a beautiful cold but sunny Sunday - just right for a session in the garden. I repaired the beech log wall, cleared many of the beds and then went on a 'flower search'. January is usually regarded as a barren month - but if you look carefully there are lots of flowers out and even more shoots! It will not be long before the bulbs are out and the garden 'springs' into life again.

I cleared the bed by the pond and planted lots of daffodils that I had raised in pots.
The wild cherry tree is out in the woods
The witch hazel is in its prime
First primrose
First snowdrop
The spreading album (lamium maculatum) in the rockery
The (many) euphorbia look fantastic. They are often overlooked but (in my view) are at their best in January.
Well, you'd look glum if someone had cut off the top of your head and planted pansies!
Without doubt, the PLANT of the MONTH is the heleborus (commonly called the 'Christmas rose')
Addendum - 11th Jan 08
The very first daffodil is out! That's actually quite early. I don't usually get the first one untol February.
 27th Jan 08
The camellia that Sarah bought me for my 60th birthday in 2007 has just come out. Sarah bought me another for Christmas so I now have a pair - the other is pink