The Garden at Warren House

Welcome to the gardens at Warren House, Farnham. We remodeled the 4 acre gardens starting in 2000 with some pretty major earthworks and hard landscaping. We've since planted literally thousands of trees and scrubs. The aim was a garden good enough to pass inspection by the National Gardens Scheme. This was achieved in 2003 when we opened to the public for the first time with over 500 visitors on one day!

We don't welcome that many visitors physically anymore. But you are very welcome to visit in cyberspace!

The two features of the site which attract most interest are GARDEN TODAY - which is updated very regularly with the today's 'best bits' - and the GARDEN ARCHIVE where you can track what the garden looked like at this time in every year since 2003.


Garden Description

Garden Map

Garden Tour

Garden Today

Garden Archive

A brief history and description of the garden

A map so you can find your way around

Take a tour of the garden in each of the main seasons

Garden Today is the most popular part of the site - showing how the garden looks right now

The Garden Archive allows you to look at the garden - and how it has changed - back through the seven years.