13th-17th Feb 08

Returned from The Lakes to glorious weather here in Farnham too. It has brought out lots of daffodils. Also, the builders have just finished re-edging the paths as well as putting in the 'hand' sculpture that Elizabeth gave me for my Birthday last week.

Mornings see the garden covered in frost and the ground rock hard
Back of house bathed in afternoon sun
Most of the daffodils are now out
A daffodil in the heather-covered rockery
You can see the cherry trees are out in the far distance
The euphorbias are at their best
The first azaleas are out - VERY early!
The peaches and nectarines are out in flower in the greenhouse. We get fruit every year.
Pots on the kitchen wall
By the pond. You can see the new edging and gravel
The HAND! It's a bit macabre but I really like it!
Again you can see the new edging. Trouble is that the garden is so big that the exercise took both a long time and a LOT of stone...as well as a lot of ús too. But it looks a lot tidier now.