8th Mar 08 - Visitors

Maureen - the Honorary English Lady from the USA - was not the only visitor today...
...Mr and Mrs Duck are back in residence. But will there be any ducklings this year?
The garden is bursting into life
Note tulips...Every other year they have been eaten by the ****ing deer
But this is really daffodil time. At their zenith right now. Indeed I had to remove the first 'deadhead' today!
The pieris is in bloom. Of course, you get a special bonus when the leaves turn bright red later. 
The wall by the kitchen
I know I have featured the back of the house on many times lately. But the blue sky and daffodils looked so good today!
The lawn has just had its first cut
My favourite view in the whole agrden - over the belvedere to the River Wey and the water meadows. Note the forsythia is out