22nd Mar 08 - Howtown to Pooley Bridge

It was a very cold day with icy winds. We board the boat at Glenridding at the top of Ullswater in a blizzard. But by the time we got off at Howtown the sun had come out - although the wind chill was still minus-something.

Walked about 6 miles to Pooley Bridge and caught the bus back.

I put this picture first as it was the best!
Ullswater from the boat
Looking back as we started the climb
Across Ullswater to the Rampsbeck Hotel and its jetties
On the 'path with a view'
Well, who could fail to admire a view like that?
A 15x zoom in on the snow-capped fells
Daffodils in the churchyard at Troutbeck
Complete with robin