4th Apr 08 

Hanging baskets and pots in their prime...
...as is the magnolia by the annexe
But the real 'stars' right now are the TULIPS. Never before known in Warren House - as they have always been eaten by the deer. Having said that, a deer followed the newspaperman in this morning. I had to go chase him out in my PJs!
The pieris is dropping its flowers but the leaves are just starting to turn red.
The pond and its banks are a particular favorite of mine. Sitting here in the evening listening to The Archers is my zenith time of the day!
The marginals are just starting into life. Should be a riot in a few months time.
This view, as the early morning sun came up, is also one of my favorites...
...as is the view over the belvedere to the Water Meadows and the River Wey.


Had the garden floodlighting upgraded - including a spotlight on 'The Hand'. It now looks even more ghostly at night!