20th April 1988

It was our 20th Wedding Anniversary today. Amazing! See "It was 200 years ago today"
It's that time when the daffodils are still out just as the tulips are in their prime and the rhododendrons are in bud Everything is growing like mad.

Daffodils by the steps
The bed alongside the pergola
Tulips at their zenith. Sorry so many 'tulip' pictures but this is the first year without them being eaten by the deer.
The first rhododendron is out. In a few weeks time they will be fantastic!
The verburniums are just coming out.  I prefer them in their 'tightly budded' phase.
The ducks are back - as you can see in both the pictures above (if you look hard)
The aubrietia by the steps from the main lawn
The banks are filling with colour