5th May 2008 - Helm Crag 

Fantastic, sunny day. Started at Grasmere for 6-7 miler up (and up) Helm Crag (1300ft), along to Gibson Knott and the seemingly never-ending ridge walk to Moment Crag and the long descent to Greenburn.

It is quite a tough walk as the 3 miles on the ridge is a constant 'scramble'. But it's wonderful too! 

The view of Helm Crag as we started at Goody Bridge
Grasmere as we climbed
At the Helm Crag summit. It's known as the 'Lion and the Lamb' as you can see on the left.
The next summit is called the Howitzer
Another summit, another cairn.
The view of Easedale Tarn
Finally we reached the end of the ridge and made our way down to Greenburn
Greenburn tumbles over many waterfalls on its way to join the River Rothay and on into Grasmere