10th May 08

Mini heat wave. It's been hot and sunny all week. So everything is growing like mad!
Started to put the geraniums and patio pots out today. Hope the risk of frost is over.

Everything turning green
I just love the ferns when they are in their 'unfurled' or 'shepherds crook' stage
The rhodos are at their prime. Again, I love the colour combination above of the rhodo and the acer
The steps from the main lawn with a glimpse of the lower slope
The first aliums have just come out
The aquilegias are at their best. All self-sown too
The pond again with its canopy of azalias
The 'lace cap' verberiums are looking superb on the main slope
Walking further down into the garden into the woods and our very own bluebell glade
On Sunday we visit Chilworth Manor - the previous home of Lady Heard who was Chairwoman of the NGS. The house and gardens have been extensively modernised and refurbished in the last two years since she died at the age of 99. It is quite superb! I covet it!