24th May 08 

Sun and showers - the ultimate growing weather! The garden is starting to get its WOW factor. The rhodos and azaleas are out as are many of the other flowers. 

The front garden looking towards the annexe. Grass mowed and rhodos out
If ever there were pictures which showed the effect I want to achieve these are they!
Alliums beside the main lawn
 The tumbling wall by the main lawn
The pergola
The aquilegias on the bank above the belvedere
The view over the aquilegia covered banks to the belvedere and on to the view over the the Wey Valley
An unusual view through the narrow lower path as it winds through the rhodos
Some views of the path by the wall which is starting to 'tumble' and look really good
With Sarah. For more "Sarah in the Garden" pictures Click here
Moving further down into the woods. This is the azalia bed we planted in 2001. Looking good for the first time
The meadow through the new trees
Right at the bottom of the garden where all the 'new' trees planted in 2001/2 are in leaf
Azalias and rhodos in the front garden
Put out the last of the pots today. Not too many flowers...yet. I'll show you this view of the wall by the kitchen again in a few weeks time.
The greenhouse and the coldframes. I'm growing runner beans and climbing peas in pots this year.