7th June 08 

It has been very wet but mild (most of the time) So everything has grown like mad. 

A very different view of the side of the house taken from the woods that surround the pond
A different view of the pond too
This red rhodo by the front gate is in its prime right now. Indeed, it's the best it has ever been.
This rhodo by the main lawn is just coming out whilst the others are fading
Front drive
Through the rhodos and azalias to the pond
The geraniums on the bank in the sun
Two views of the slope - the foxgloves have just come out
 First time I have featured this part of the garden. We have just planted an edging of ferns which look good even in their first season.
I love this part of the garden right now. I had the narrow path re-edged and it looks great!
I love this colour combination
The 'new' trees are doing very well at the bottom of the garden
The Cistus and osteospermums (Cape Daisy) on the woodland walk
Kitchen Wall Watch
Starting to 'colour-up'
The hanging basket, by the annexe front door, is looking really good already
This one is for Dad. He always used Fray Bentos cans as saucers for his pots. I 'inherited' this Fray Bentos collection when he died. I still use them as they remind me of Dad and how much he would have loved this garden