27th June 08 

The weather has been very kind to the garden during our holiday. The right mixture of sun and rain. So, everything looks wonderful on our return - if not a little overgrown!

The front of the house - and the pots that surround the front door - in the early morning sun
It's Lily time!
As you can see, the pots by the kitchen door are now a mass of colour
The lavender we (re)planted only last year is looking wonderful
The geraniums are also a riot - the first year that the deer hasn't got them!
The same applies to the roses around the belvedere
The beds surrounding the main lawn are also a riot of colour
The steps...well, what you can see of them!
These pictures, taken at various points along the lower path, show the kind of "riot of colour" I have been trying to create (Yes, it is deliberate!) Remember these views have been a riot of colour now every week since early March...