16th July 08 - Harrop Tarn

After we had to abandon our walk to Harrop Tarn yesterday, we tried again today. We parked in Dobgill Car park this time - so we basically picked up where we left off yesterday.

It is a really lovely walk. Greatly recommended as it has it all. Waterfall, tarn, woodland walk, view and shoreline walk. About 4 miles - but c5-6 miles if you do it from Wythburn, where we started yesterday.

Mosshause Gill Waterfalls
A couple of views of Harrop Tarn. Covered in waterlillies and surrounded by foxgloves.
On the forestry path. You can see the Straining Well on the far side of Thirlmere
Wore my 'new' boots. Old ones had started to leak. Had really dry feet today!
Lovely view towards Thirlmere with the fellside leading to Helvellyn on the other side. Indeed, where we had started our Helvellyn walk the previous Sunday.