10th Aug 08 

A break whilst Lulu and Euan are at Jackie's for the weekend. the weather continues to be wet and windy. But that has meant that the green lushness of the garden has lasted longer this year.


Front of house
The border around the tree in the front garden looks particularly good this year...
...as do the pots in front of the annexe and along the back of the house
The four 'Flowers of the week'
#1 - Dahlias
#2 - Hibiscus
#3 Crocosmia 
#4 Gazinia
Butterfly on the buddleia 
My all time favourite part of the garden - the seat by the pond
or is it this view of the path?
or this view down the slope to the belvedere? Planted with dahlias, cannas and hibiscus