13th Sept 08

After six weeks of rain, the sun came out today! So I thought I would take what might well be the last pictures of the flowers this year as the bulbs will need to be planted soon.


Notice the difference? The silver birches both died - attacked by the dreaded honey fungus. Had them cut down last week before the autumn gales caused them to fall on the house. Shame as they gave us much need shade when we were having lunch on the patio.
The pots by the annex still look good
Planted a dahlia and cannas bed this year. Very pleased with it! It will be replanted with my new azaleas next month.
Why are dahlias so despised?
Gazanias always last well and look good at this time of the year when most other flowers are past their peak.
The lower path. Now all overhung with fuchsias!
The begonias, cannas etc worked very well around the base of the trees. Very dry normally - but not this year!
Sedum might well be the Plant of the Month
Finally the pond. Now almost 'over-established". Must clear it out before next season.