11th June 09 - Rampside

As my 7 year old laptop has 'given up the ghost', I needed to visit a PC World to look at what my options were. Nearest was at Barrow - so that's where we went walking today.

Started in Rampside by the Irish sea. Walked through the meadows and countryside to Leece with its duckpond. Made a change but wouldn't repeat!

Light tower at Rampside
Rampside Hall with its 12 diagonally-set chimneys, known as the Twelve Apostles. Legend has it that a young man wished to marry but the father of the would-be bride said his daughter could only marry a man rich enough to have 12 chimneys all in a line. So the young man built the hall with 12 chimneys and, at each wedding anniversary, smoke issued from all of them!
The meadows are at their very best
The duck pond at Leece
Holbeck Ghyll in the evening. My favourite Langoustine starter