12th Sept 09 - BGummer Howe and Holbeck Ghyll

Another fantastic sunny day. As we had to go to the AGM, we could only squeeze in an afternoon walk up Gummer Howe and down past the reservoir.

In the evening Sarah opened her (early) Birthday presents and we went for a superb meal at the Holbeck Ghyll. 

Lakeside from atop Gummer Howe
Sarah atop Gummer Howe
It felt there was nobody else on earth when we arrived at the reservoir 
Opening her presents rather early!
Sunset from Holbeck Ghyll
Cocktails on the patio at Holbeck Ghyll. Why do all the women in my life always order the most expensive cocktails?
Sarah by the fountain at Holbeck Ghyll
Scallops for starters. I took pictures of the other course but won't make you too jealous (Sarah says her pineapple pudding was to die for by the way).