26th Sept 09 - Garden

September is turning out to be the best month of the year. Fabulous sunny weather.

But the nights are drawing in and the first frost cannot be too long away. So maybe these are the last pictures of the flowers for the year. Who knows? We might have an 'Indian Summer' which I now understand only happens in October!

Back of house. New gardeners started in September. Pleased with them - so far!
Unusual picture of the main lawn in the early morning sun. Shows the 'stripes' off well!
Dahlias at their best
Daturas likewise. In the greenhouse this year.
Pots by the Front door
My favourite seat overlooking the pond. i cleared it out last weekend - but still a lot of weed I couldn't reach. Must make a longer hook!
Some of the pots on the patio - all still in full bloom
This rhodo is out a bit early - like it should have waited for next May!
Finally, a couple of pictures of the woodland walks before all the leaves come down. The new trees we planted 8 years back are now looking really good. Indeed, they need thinning out. The Cistus has just been trimmed ready for next year. Indeed it all looks quite neat. The new gardeners seem to like it that way!