21st Feb 10 

It wasn't the best of days but I just had to get out in the garden and 'get my hands dirty'. Hadn't updated the Garden Today website for yonks,
Everything is so very behind because of the very cold weather. 
Let's start with the logs...

This is Euan sitting in front of a roaring log fire at Christmas
You may remember that we had lots of branches down because of the heavy snow
Today the branches are all cut up into logs and all carefully stacked in the garage ready for the next cold spell. Next week? Next year? Who knows anymore!
Everything is so behind. last year we had daffodils out in mid-January. Not one in sight today. The ones in the pot above are called 'February Gold' (as you can see on the  label) but they are nowhere near flowering yet.
The hellebores are amongst the few flowers out. This one given to me by Sarah for my birthday.
Witch hazel is out - but this is normally out in early January
The verburnums are just budding too
We had a load of manure delivered and the lads have been spending weeks putting it down as mulch on all the beds. All ready for the sping colour!