16th April 10 - Ash 

Thank goodness we weren't going anywhere. The country is closed due to volcanic ash. Pity the 1m trapped or not going anywhere. 
Anyway, it is a fabulous weekend. The tulips are just coming into their prime. unusual to get tulips and daffodils out together - it's a by product of the long cold winter.

Front door
The aubrietia out on the back wall
By the pond
Pots by the annexe
By the kitchen
Tulips and narcissi out at the same time
Tulips and forget-me-nots around the 'grandson' tree by the front drive
Tulips in the beds around the main lawn
This is a photo from Sept 2008 when we planted the new rhododendron and azalea bed.
The bed in their first real season with the first rhododendrons out. Eventually they will all join up into a big bank. 10 years they said. Look in again in 2018!
Update - 22nd Apr - The tulips in their prime.