5th June 10 - Garden

Some really hot days to bring all the flowers out.

This would be close to what I want my garden to look like!
Azaleas are wondrous this year
The old cedar tree trunk is now home to blue tits. Clematis making good progress too
Poppy time!
Cistus out too
Bog garden (replanted this year) is doing well. The candelabra primulas  are the stars today
The pond in its summer clothing
The 'new' copse at the bottom of the garden that we planted ten years ago. Really lovely now.
WOW! The 'burning bush' azalea.
Acers on the slope with my greenhouse the background
The Christophe Allium
Front driveway
More rhododendrons  in the wood
Side lawn
Some shots of my favourite path
Wonderful display this year