2nd July 2010

We've had hot and dry weather for weeks now and the garden is suffering. Lawn a nasty shade of yellow! 

The roses on the pergola by the kitchen patio are looking wonderful. Well Bootsy the cat seems to like it!
We've just had all the windows replaced and the outside painted. The new windows to the lounge look rather good - well they were rotten before! Changed the balcony railings from white to black which I prefer.
If the roses aren't 'Plant of the Day', then the Lavender is... 
...or is it the Irises?
You may remember that I was particularly fond of the branch from the very old oak tree that I imagined my grandson climbing. Not any more! When we returned from Scotland, it had fallen down. Completed rotten. The new vista still looks good.
I rather like these yellow poppies against the dark green of the rhododendrons 
The slopes have changed from their spring colours to summer.
One of the many pots and hanging baskets that need watering every day