16th Jan 11 

Mild Sunday. Took my camera on first garden trip of the year. First signs of 'new life' are appearing. But I think most things are behind. For example the heleborus/Christmas Rose is not out yet but was in full flower on 6th Jan 08.

But Spring is only just around the corner!

The first snowdrops
The spreading Album (lamium maculatum) in the rockery
The witch hazel (Hamamelis) is in bloom for such a short period of time. This is Hamamelis 'mollis'.
Last year I added an orange witch hazel. Meant to have lovely red leaves in the autumn too. It's a Hamamelis 'Jelena'
Daffodils just emerging
The dog wood/cornus with their deep red stalks really add colour at this time of the year
Our neighbour's beech tree fell down in the gales. It is just on our border and fell into his garden. So he had the job (and cost) of cutting it up!
But winter has the advantage of giving us back our view over the River Wey and the hills beyond.