14th May 11

Weather much cooler with some overnight rain.

These are the beds around the main lawn. I love this look (as you know!). Alliums at their zenith. 
Bog garden with the candelabra primulas 
Bush by my office
The view of the path changes every week
This fern is at that once a year stage where the ferns are like shepherd's crooks.
An unusual view through the azaleas to the pond
The whole aim is to get the rhododendrons to 'merge'. We planted these 10 years ago. That's how long you have to wait
So, as we planted these this year, I guess I will have to wait 10 years for the effect I want!
These are the paths and steps through the woods. Most of the 3.5 acres of the garden are like this. Wild, shady and very green!
We have planted a whole bank of cistus (white and pink) They are just coming out!