13th - 14th June - Perth

Expeditions from Louise and Neil's house in Brigadoon, Swan Valley, Perth

On Wednesday, we had lunch at Chesters - one of the restaurants attached to a winery in the Swan Valley.
An extremely good lunch it was too!
Then we went to Gymbaroo and Toys R Us
The builders arrived to start the landscaping and new pool. Euan immediately put on his "Bob the Builder" outfit! 
Complete with full-size "Digger" and "Scoop"
On Thursday it was lunch at the Sandleford Winery. The Swan Valley is, of course, famous for its wine. Each winery has a top quality restaurant attached.
Today's Special was a Soft Shelled Crab atop Barramundi atop a Japanese omelet. Fantastic!
(Sorry to put two lunches on one webpage. But the food really was extremely good and I wanted to remember it when I'm back to beans on toast!) 
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