5th June 07 - A trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Out from Cairns on a catamaran to Green Island. Then another boat trip to a pontoon on a reef for snorkeling and a dive. Then back on the helicopter!

On the beach at Green Island
Neil goes for a scuba dive
Elizabeth and Granddad go for a snorkel. We had to don these lycra suits in case of "Stingers" (jellyfish) Made us look right prats! Didn't see any stingers either!
One of those photos you just know you will regret putting on the web!
Fish were good. But not as good as the Maldives.
I just love this picture of Euan staring out at the fish on the reef from the submersible  
The high spot of the day. The helicopter trip back. Took over 2 hours in the boat to get out and around 20 minutes back!
On the helipad on the Great Barrier Reef
Euan so enjoyed the helicopter trip. Particularly wearing the ear protectors. He did "rotor" movements with his hands the whole way.
The pontoon with the catamaran moored alongside as we took off. Helipad far right. You can see the outlines of the reefs.
Back on solid ground in Cairns.
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