9th-11th June - Uluru

Flew from Cairns to Ayers Rock to see Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Sails in the Desert - where we stayed for two nights at the Ayers Rock Resort.
We took it in turns to do the trips  or look after Euan. (Not sure which was the most exhausting!)
Kata Tjuta
We left soon after arrival on a trip to see the rock formation - Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)
Louise and Neil (who went on the second day) invested in fly nets.
Start of the 2.6km walk into the gorge at Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta rocks are "conglomerate" (ie it looks like a fruit cake!)
Then we were taken off to see the sun set on Uluru.
Uluru at sunset at 18.02. 
The following morning we got up at 5.00am and went back to view Uluru on the other side at sunrise (7.26am). It was bitterly cold!
We then went on another (bitterly cold) walk around the base of Uluru looking at all the sacred sites and caves. This one is known as the 'snake cave' as the entrance resembles a snake's head
Inside the cave were many aboriginal cave paintings
The Mutitjula Waterhole - one of the biggest around Uluru. It is only replenished when it rains - down the blackened watercourses you can see. 
Rock formation on the Kuniya walk
The start of the Uluru climb
It takes about 3 hours and over 30 people have died attempting it. The heat being the main cause.
A cave in Uluru
A formation called Mala. The holes were made by erosion.
The wave cave at the base of Uluru in the Mala area
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