18th May 13 - Garden Today

Although I say it myself, the garden is 'a picture' at the moment. The weather has warmed up but is still damp. So everything is verdant. 

The last of the tulips on the patio
Acers on the bank
Look at that for colour!
The honeysuckle azalea, pieris and rhododendrons by the gate
The belvedere looking like it is meant to look!
One of the island beds
Lacecap verburnums on the slope
View across the main lawn (with football posts) Aliums just about to come out.
Love this panoply of colour from the rhododendrons by the pond
The path. Note the deep pink magnolia - very late but 'in its prime' today
Love all these different vibrant colours of the rhododendrons  and acers
Now, rhododendrons don't come better than that!
Finally, the patio tubs at The Beach House. I removed the tulips and left the pansies for a few more weeks.