9th Jan 16 - Garden Today

Weather has been remarkably mild and wet. Indeed we haven't had any hard frost this winter so far. So many of the summer plants are still in flower and many of the spring plants are in bud. Only problem is that a cold snap is now forecast which could really ruin many of the spring plants.

The beds at the back of the house look really good as all the heather is out.
Witch hazel should be about the only plant in 'flower' in Jan.
Snowdrops are quite normal in Jan too
New growth on the euphorbias. It looks like flowers but is new leaf growth.
Hellebores (Christmas roses)
Rhododendrons out at least 2 months early 
The osteosperums should have died off by now. 
The cyclamens would normally have been ruined by the frost by now
The camellias are out far too early and will get ruined by the frost due next week,
Six years ago, almost to the day, on 7th Jan 10 we had been enjoying/suffering a week of heavy snow. It did mean transport chaos but the snow looked lovely.
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