20th May 17 -Garden

Last week has been wet - which we needed as the garden bone dry..

It's Allium time!
Back of house
My new Big Balls. Eliz's 70th Birthday present to me.
Mr & Mrs Duck had 7 ducklings. But they disappeared. We feared they had been taken by Mr Fox. Son we installed a Duck House in case they had a 2nd brood.
Blue geraniums. Almost all my geraniums are pink.
Lower woodland walk
New 'just planted' azaleas in front garden
Path coming to life
Love these bright red poppies
My FAVOURITE view at the moment
Veg garden
Another favourite view from the veg garden
Tulips and forget-me-nots removed replaced by pink geraniums.
Another new azalea bed by the front gate
Lovely view of the house from the front gates