Euan - 17th July 05 - GARDEN PARTY

We had the most superb sunshine for the garden party.

 Tent with balloons
The Tea Cup ride
The crowd assembles on the back lawn
Dickie, Lisa, Ann, Tony, Louise, Neil, Kate and Ross
Louise, Neil and Euan on the tea cup ride
The entertainer entertains...Note Euan sitting entranced in the front row!
Euan's Great Grandmother, Olive Hopwood
Euan with Aunty Sarah
Ben meets Emily
Ben Dines learns ball balancing Carol, Bill and Katie
Euan is literally the centre of attraction Chyrs and Peter
Natalie, Phil and Henry David
The Devlins Dickie
Big and small Codling in a teacup Emily
Ursula and Euan in a teacup Emily dancing
John Holtons and the Drappers
Grandma Jackie Susan, Melissa, Gary, Stuart and son
Lisa Melissa and Stuart
Sharon and Dave Susan and Stuart
Euan with John Euan and balloon
Frankie and Euan Sarah and Frankie in a teacup
Frankie Katie, Georgina and Heather
Frankie Mike and his Grandaughters
Olive and the Grangers Heather and Freya
Stuart shows Ben how its done Susan
Willian George O'Toole The Wrights and the Leys
The Wrights at lunch Katie
Relaxing afterwards