Garden Today - 4th Nov 02

New walls and steps etc.
November is a good time to get any (more) hard landscaping done as you don't mind the mess and disruption so much as the garden starts to go to sleep and winter approaches. The earth bank to the top lawn was eroding so, George Smith Garden Design (see below) has built another york stone wall with a new set of steps down the bank. Next we will put some stepping stones through the perennials on the slope linking to the main lawn.

New steps and wall

Beech rings. Also planted 1000s of white anemones here for next spring

Beech ring wall
It should last 6 years. By then the plants on the top of the wall should have got established and should bind the bank together. 

Probably the last pictures this year of the pond as the leaves fall off the trees...into the pond. Just had four new large waterlilies planted for next year.

Last picture of the flowers on the lower bank too - pulled all the annuals up now!

George Smith Garden Design has their own website now - features our garden quite a lot!

4th Nov. 02

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