15th Apr 07 - Ravens Crag

Another glorious day. Went to the dam end of Thirlmere and climbed to Castle and Raven Crags (about 1500ft) before descending to the dam and a shore walk around Great How.
Fantastic walk. Indeed, were were in the forest for much of the walk which was really required on such a hot day.
About 6 miles

The view of our target - Raven Crag - from the start of the walk at Smaithwaite. Looks a tough one!
Shoulthwaite Gill.
The first summit is Castle Crag with its fort. To the left are the sheer cliffs of  High Seat and you can just see Derwent Water in the haze.
A truly fantastic view of the dam at Thirlmere from the top of Raven Crag. It was a sheer drop!
Back down on the dam looking up at Raven Crag
The Valve House on the dam built c1890. Thirlmere is a remarkable construction and supplies water to Manchester, some 100 miles away, without the need for a single pump! If only the Victorians could sort out today's water supply problems.
Should you want any more info on Thirlmere, there is a dedicated site! Click here.
Lunch on the shore of Thirlmere below Great How
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