16th August 07 - Haweswater

The construction of Haweswater in the 1930s required the flooding of Mardale village. We started at the dam end  (Burnbanks) and climbed over the rough fells. It was very difficult to navigate as there was chest high bracken and no real paths. Then it started to rain and we got soaked pushing through the bracken. So we made our way down to a low level path and returned home.

Must repeat on a better day!

From Birkhouse Hill overlooking the dam
Looking north east along Haweswater
The cairn at the summit
The "Draw off Tower" made from the stones of Mardale church which would have disappeared under the waters
Towards Mardale end of Haweswater
Looking towards Mardale Ill Bell
We visited the ruins of Shap Abbey on the way back.
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