17th Sept 03 - Coppermines valley
A fantastic sunny day - but with a cool breeze that fortunately got cooler the higher we climbed.
Started in Coniston and climbed 1500ft through Coppermines valley. Then we climbed (quite steep!) up the fantastic waterfall to Levers Water. Then across the ridge just below Coniston Old Man thru the Boulder Valley (known as the Giant's rockery) before following the old miner's trail below The Bell.
Took about 4 hours - about 6 miles. Very steep at times with some rock climbing/scrambling...but just great on a superb day.

View over Coniston
Gives some idea of the terrain as we neared Levers Water at 1500ft
The fabulous waterfalls of Levers Water Beck
On the shore of Levers Water at 1500ft
You can see the Pudding Stone in the Boulder Valley One of the many ruins dating back to the early nineteenth century when the valley teemed with 1000s of copper miners
A cottage at Heathwaite. Lovely views over Coniston too. Wonder how much?