21st March 03 - Hawkshead, Claife Heights and three tarns 

Absolutely fantastic sunny day. Just how we like it - bright but cool.
This turned out to be a 9-miler. Starting at Hawkshead, though Colthouse and up to Claife Heights. Then through The Heald and its woods as you walk the ridge over Lake Windermere.
We then cut "off piste" to Three Dubs Tarns. Probably private but we claimed a "right to roam". It was beautiful with a private boathouse. Then more cross country to join the proper footpath again at Moss Eccles Tarn. This is a fabulous path as it meanders on to Wise Een Tarn and then back through the woods to Hawkshead - and scones and cream at Whigs!
Not a bad day - and dinner at Jerichos to look forward to.

Wise Een Tarn towards the Langdales
Boathouse on the private Three Dubs Tarn Through the woods on Claife Heights
Over Lake Windermere towards Bowness from Claife Heights. You can just make out our place.
Our favorite lunch stop in Hawkshead

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