4th May 03.

Now only five weeks to go before the ngs open day on 8th June!
Literally a back-aching bank holiday. Made up around 25 pots which involved emptying all the old daffs out, much humping of compost etc.
Elsewhere in the garden the recent heavy rain has made everything grow even faster. With masses of forget-me-nots and bluebells out, it is just starting to look reasonable.

That new bed we made back in Feb. is starting to look really established. People ask me what I am aiming for my garden to look like. Well, this is a pretty good answer! Just wish the other 3 acres looked the same!

These are those new steps we built at the end of 2002 Our very own bluebell dell
Side of the pond We call this azalea the "Burning Bush"
Clematis on the pergola 
And finally, the view over the belvedere with the forget-me-nots all out
It's getting there!

4th May 03

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