13th March 2005 

One of those weekends when being in England cannot be bettered. Cold but sunny and brilliant blue skies. Once the frost had melted, it was great gardening weather. Made even better as so many of the early spring flowers are out and everything is in bud. Mind you the camellias have already suffered from the frost but the magnolias look OK. 

The early narcissus are in their prime
This is the third year of the Tete a Tete bed. Planted 1000+ so not quite sure how many there are now. 

I still prefer these wild primroses
Hellebores Niger (Christmas rose)
Euphorbia myrsinites
Ribes sanguineum - or a currant to you and me. One of my favorite spring shrubs as the flowers come out (just like the cherries) before the leaves. They are just bursting into flower this weekend.
Another type of euphorbia (purpurea) with a carpet of Lamium 'Album' 
Easter rabbit? Not the most welcome visitor to my garden! But it's not called Warren House for nothing.
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13th March 05

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