15th Feb 03

Another really cold day. Heavy frost but the very brightest, clear, cold sunny day. 
Celebrate as the FIRST daffodil is out. As, without exaggeration, about 10,000 have been planted - the next few months should be interesting!

But lots of other flowers out as well as buds on everything.

Main task this weekend has been to construct yet another path between the bog garden down through the rhododendrons to meet with the lower path. Needed a link path that didn't have steps so we could get the wheelbarrow down to the next level. But of course that required several new beds to be planted up too. Also mulched as much as I could using home made leaf mulch.


Ice on the aubrietia Peach in the greenhouse. We had at least half a dozen last year!
Pulmonaria Saccharata  or  Lungwort (Thanks Carol!) Heather in the rockery

15th Feb  03

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