1st August 07

Rain, rain, rain. As the country slowly sinks, 
Well that was how I started my Garden Today posting a month ago and it hasn't stopped since. Indeed the floods have been the worst on record. Difficult to flood on our hilly outcrop though. This rain has meant that I haven't needed to water anything and, indeed, the garden is greener than ever. 
Today the sun is out for once so I took the opportunity to take some photos and update the site. 
Sorry for the long gap...Rain really did stop play!

Water lilies in the pond
My favourite spot in the evenings to listen to The Archers...
That stone seat again
Crocosmia, mallows and a mass of other flowers on the slope 
Lacecap Hydrangeas - the Holway Plant of the Month
We are growing clematis up the trunk of the 'feature' tree trunk in the front garden
Pots by the kitchen door
Bog garden
Back of the house with the lawn just cut