20th July 03 

The last week has been one of the hottest on record. Not quite so good for the plants struggling in the garden but marvelous for the pots which tend to get watered.
I was accused of exaggerating when I claimed I had 200 pots and hanging baskets. So I counted them today. Actually i have 275! Hope these pictures give some idea of what 275 pots look like!
The pond (which is wet anyway!) and the herbaceous borders still look pretty good too. 

Annexe door Seat on annexe patio
Kitchen door Squillions of pots on main patio
Another pot collection on the patio One of the many containers hanging on the wall
Front door "New" busy lizzie bed in front of annexe
A mass of busy lizzies The herbaceous border 
The pond

20th July 03

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