22nd May 2005 

1500 busy lizzies arrived on Tuesday 

If you had ever wondered (or cared) what 1500 busy lizzies looked like....
Problem is you have to put them in!
The woodland steps are starting to look as planned all those years ago
The aquilegias are looking truly fantastic this weekend. They self-seed now.
The walls are also starting to look good. All these self-propagated osteosperums are looking a picture in their second year.

One of the seats in the wall.  
You now have to pick your way through the flowers on the steps up the slope. Will have to cut them back soon.
This is the new woodland we planted in 2000. We thought at the time that we had planted too close together...probably did! But this is the first year that the new trees have looked any good.
Finally, the "Burning Bush" azalea is at its zenith this weekend

22nd May 05

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