24th May 04 - Chelsea Flower Show

OK, not STRICTLY my garden. But last night we were guests of EDS at the Preview of the Chelsea Flower Show. Mingled with all manner of famous people like Jeremy Clarkson and William Hague.
Had long chat with Diarmuid Gavin whose own show garden has caused such a storm of protest this year. Any preconceived notions were quickly banished. He's extremely charming and very knowledgeable about gardening. His design might be controversial but it is at least interesting!

Me and my mate Diarmuid!
Charlie Dimmock, who we met at Chelsea last year, in Diarmuid's garden
Diarmuid's  "Load of balls?" 
High tech, wireless-enabled garden shed in Diarmuid's garden
Sir Terence Conran (in yellow suit) in his garden with attached kitchen
The Australian Inspiration garden. I will expect Louise's garden in Perth to look like this when we visit in November. Was the beer bottle (bottom left) on purpose or not?
Our favourite garden of all was the Daihutsu Garden created by a group of 13 year olds from Burntwood School. Complete with its bug houses!

24th May 04

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