25th August 07

After what seems like an eternity, the grey skies have cleared and we have SUN! 
It's a Bank Holiday weekend too.

See blue skies!
You can see all the pots on the patio...and one of the 'sheep' on the left.
Might actually have lunch outside today - can't remember the last time we did that!
The view from the wall across the lawn to the side of the house 
The intersection of paths on the lower slope with the steps up to the wall and lawn as seen in the picture above.
From the same intersection looking down through the new trees (well, planted in 2001) towards the footpath and the river
Another view. This time of the woodland path and my favourite oak tree
The most featured view of the first stone seat in the wall. The cannas have just come out (the red spikes on the RHS)
...and the second stone seat. The perennial wallflowers have been...everlasting!
This is the upper slope all teeming with colour - just how I like it!
The pergola. The white and yellow daisies are magnificent this year.
Finally the seat by the pond...again!