26th March 06

The rain has started...with the hosepipe ban now only a week away!
Daffodils looking great. But the ****ed deer are running amok. Still haven't yet got planning permission for the gates to keep them out. So the newly erected deer fencing is probably keeping them IN!

The view of the River Wey. You can just see the forsythia budding
Wall pot by the kitchen
Maureen and Elizabeth 
Hellebores and daffodils
I am particularly pleased with my "host of yellow daffodils" this year.
I am less pleased with the damaged caused by the marauding deer. I grew the tulips in pots this year to protect them from the squirrels...only to have them eaten by the deer the moment i put them out!
Finally I've put daffodils in the hanging baskets this year.