29th Oct 06

Clocks went back last night so winter is meant to have arrived. Awoke to a bright, warm sunny day. I have never known so many flowers either STILL out in the garden or spring flowers flowering early. It is quite weird with all the leaves still on the trees. Not a single frost yet. Of course, when it does come it will kill all the buds which might means fewer flowers in the 'real' spring. Anyway, the garden looks great for the moment. 

Bank still in full flower
When did you ever see violets (spring) and begonias (late summer) out at the same time? 
This is, perhaps, the most amazing picture with the daffodils starting to poke through the surface! 
Dahlia on the belvedere with the view beyond. As you can see the leaves are still green on the trees.
Looks like a firework for next week's 5th November
Normally the dahlias would have been killed by the frost by now.
I have never seen a delphinium in flower in October!
..or a nasturtium
..or polyanthus
..or, certainly, a rose!
I would expect mushrooms though
and the squirrel gathering the chestnuts for his winter larder.
Well, it had to happen! The first frost arrived on Wednesday killing all the summer flowers. So I  really did take the pictures above 'just in time'.
Dead dahlias..