29th October 07

Clocks went back last night so I guess winter has started. No frost yet though. Leaves falling everywhere and the colours are lovely.

Had deer fence repaired and strengthened. No more deer visits since

Planted new trees.

View to the pond in the early morning sun
The "Plant of the Month" must be the Callicarpa with its bright purple berries on bare stems. Looks almost artificial!
The LHS bank. Very different to the brightly coloured spring and summer views
Loads of fungi around. Not quite so sure this one at the base of the silver birch is all that good for the tree though!
The oak tree 'arch' as you go down into the woodland
Various views the woodland at the bottom of the garden. Just planted  a dozen new Acer 'Crimson Kings' and  and Liquidambar styraciflua. This section of the garden is now looking very good. Very natural but extremely colourful with all the different reds and greens.
Back of the house catching the late afternoon rays