2nd Dec 06

This is turning out to be the most amazing winter (so far...) SO many flowers still out that should have been killed by the frost. And so many flowers coming out that should have waited until next spring. 

Cherry blossom 
Not only are the fuchsias still in flower but...
...but where I have pruned them they are sprouting again!
Never had geraniums out in December
Roses in bud
Sweet Williams in December? You are having me on!
This is a Euryops pectinatus. It usually flowers in late spring/summer. I personally have never seen it in flower in the winter but my Gardening Bible says that this "sometimes happens".
The cyclemen would normally have been killed by a sharp frost by now
Now, of course, you would expect the Holly berries this close to Christmas. Except that, in our garden, usually they have been eaten by the birds by now. But there is so much other food for them to eat right now that they have left the holly alone. Indeed Elizabeth hasn't even put out her bird feeders yet.
And the rhododendron that came out a month ago is still out!
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