2nd January 2005 

Fabulous sunny but cold day to start the New Year. Went for a clear up in the garden.

The yellow gorse by the greenhouse is in flower.

You can see the River Wey  and the water meadows through the gap in the trees by the belvedere. 
A bit of a sparkle on the river in this one
Just planted several hundred Cistus shrubs on the bank above where we have built the beech log retaining wall. Should be a riot of colour (pinks, blues and whites) next year
Loads of cyclamen in pots by the front door.
Witch hazel has just come out
The primroses and polyanthus are out too
Perhaps the most surprising find was that the osteospermums were STILL in bloom. What value! Maybe these will make it through to next summer. We have a hardy variety...but these were meant to be annuals.

2nd Jan 05

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