3rd December 07

Gales over the weekend. So ALL the leaves are now off the trees and my 'view' is back.

Also had all the stone edges on the path re-laid and new gravel put down.

You can see the River Wey shining in the sun as it meanders through the water meadows below.
Same view over the belvedere
The Oak arch again with the (wire) deer on the left.
The side of the house across the main lawn
The path now that the edging has been re-laid
The Witch Hazel is out. The first 'new' flower I could find. That's not to say there are not other flowers in the garden - but they are all left-overs from the summer/autumn.
Pansy pots (underplanted with miniature daffodils) in the pots on the wall by the front door